Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was created on January 27, 1756 to Anna Maria and Leopold Mozart in Salzburg, Austria. Leopold was the deputy Kapellmeister (actually meaning: choir-professional) to the court orchestra of the Archbishop of Salzburg and known this impressive talent in his only child. In 1777, the 21-year-old Mozart visited Paris in search of job. This right time, he was accompanied by his mom and it was to be always a much more disastrous trip than the main one he took with his father.

While in Paris, he fell and fulfilled deeply in love with Aloysia Weber, and things were looking up. But that feeling changed when his mother became ill and later died in 1778. It was also at this time when Aloysia confessed to Mozart that she was not interested in him, further darkening the trip. He returned home to Austria, heart broken.

By 1782, Mozart was residing in Vienna and things were again looking up for Mozart. Mozart gained usage of many manuscripts of J. S. Bach and G. F. Handel. Mozart wedded Constanze Weber (Aloysia’s sister) on August 4, 1782, along with his father’s grudging consent. Although that they had 6 children jointly, only 2 survived to adulthood: Karl Thomas, and Franz Xaver Wolfgang. Neither would become significant players in musical background, although Franz does become a minor composer for enough time.

Mozart also fulfilled and befriended Joseph Haydn while living in Vienna. Haydn was categorized as the “Father of the String Quartet”, and when Haydn would visit Vienna the two composers were known to play jointly in string quartets. Mozart had written 6 string quartets in his life and each was dedicated to Haydn.

Mozart began to earn more money from his concerts, and he and Constanza began to live an opulent lifestyle. They shifted to an upscale, expensive Mozart, and apartment bought a pricey piano and billiards table. They also kept servants and sent their son, Karl, to a pricey boarding school. With this kind of lifestyle, they were struggling to save substantial levels of money.

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This became a problem around the time of 1786. By that time, Mozart had stopped appearing in public areas concerts, aside from rare performances. In fact, from 1788 to the finish of his life, Mozart’s career declined. To be fair, this time around was difficult for most musicians in Vienna due to the Austro-Turkish War (1788-1791) and a general decline in prosperity and hence capability of the aristocracy to aid the arts. By 1789, Mozart and his family were forced to go to cheaper lodgings and borrow large sums of money.

Wolfgang made long journeys to Leipzig, Mannheim, Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt in the hopes of improving his financial situation. These trips only produced sporadic success and failed to help his finances significantly. Best of Mozart: 3 Hours OF THE GREATEST Classical Music By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Buy Now The last season of Mozart’s life was relatively successful.

It was during this time period that he composed some of his most significant works, like his last piano concerto (K. The Magic Flute, the unfinished Requiem K. 626, the Clarinet Concerto K. 622, and a series of string quintets (K. On Sept 6th Mozart became ill, 1791 during his premiere of the opera “La clemenza di Tito” written for the coronation of the Emperor. He continues to work however, and his disease became worse. By November 20th that he became bedridden and experienced painful bloating and vomiting It got become so very bad.

Constanze, her youngest sister Sophie, and the grouped doctor were at his bedside during this time period. Even in that physical decline, there is certainly proof that he was occupied with completing his Requiem still. Wolfgang Mozart died on December 5th, 1791 at 1:00 AM. He was buried in a common grave, as was the custom in Vienna at that time.

The reason behind his death is uncertain, and there were many theories, which range from mercury poisoning to trichinosis and common influenza to rheumatic fever. One thing is for certain, his steadily worsening finances in conjunction with his lifestyle and the strain it imposed on his life didn’t help issues.