Trial TO REVIEW Smoking-cessation Therapy Tailored To A Smoker’s DNA

The research team is recruiting 720 smokers from the St. Louis area who wish to break the addiction. Study individuals shall be interviewed about their smoking behaviors and general health. They’ll provide DNA samples also, from saliva, that’ll be analyzed to identify genetic variations that influence smoking behavior, lung cancer risk, and the potency of smoking-cessation treatments. Li-Shiun Chen, MD, an associate teacher of psychiatry. Ultimately, the research workers want to learn how a smoker’s genetic makeup affects how much one smokes and how he or she will respond to drugs designed to help smokers stop.

The team’s previous research signifies that DNA variants can influence the effectiveness of various smoking-cessation medications. To meet the requirements, volunteers must be at least 21 and smoke cigarettes five or even more cigarettes daily. They need to smoke traditional smoking, not e-cigarettes. Study participants will be placed randomly in one of three groups.

Smokers in a single group will receive seven weeks of guidance to help them stop, as well as nicotine-replacement areas and lozenges, varenicline (Chantix) or an inactive placebo. All individuals shall obtain counseling to help them stop smoking. Laura Jean Bierut, MD, the Alumni Endowed Professor of Psychiatry. Those that be a part of the one-year research will be asked to take part in telephone interviews, counseling periods and follow-up phone calls. All office visits, guidance classes, and medications will be providing cost-free. Those that volunteer for the analysis can learn about their genetic roots also. The researchers will send DNA samples from study volunteers to a private company that performs genetic testing, which can trace the origins of participants’ early ancestors.

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