The Iceman Cometh’

Sam Carana’s image illustrating the risk that temperatures will rise to intolerable levels if little if any action is used on climate change. See also ‘Three-quarters of Arctic sea ice lost in 30 years? Professor Peter Wadhams, reported in BBC News, March 17, 2012, commenting on an analysis drawing on data and modelling from the PIOMAS ice volume project at the University of Washington in Seattle. See also ‘Three-quarters of Arctic sea snow lost in 30 years?

“We’re entering a new epoch of sea-ice melt in the Arctic Ocean credited to climate change. Dr. Natalia Shakhova et al. Dr. Natalia Shakhova et al. Dr. Natalia Shakhova et al. Dr. Drew T. Shindell et al. Dr. James Hansen et al., in: ‘Climate change and trace gases’, Phil. Dr. Natalia Shakhova et al. Professor Chris Rhodes in: Methane Gas Hydrates.

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Dr. Drew T. Shindell et al. “. . . warming higher than 1 degree Celsius raises the likelihood of a huge positive opinions from methane hydrates. The Arctic epitomizes the global environment situation. Dr. James Hansen et al., in: ‘Climate change and trace gases’, Phil. “Our very best concern is that loss of Arctic sea snow creates a grave risk of transferring two other tipping factors — the potential instability of the Greenland snow sheet and methane hydrates.

30 percent of its amount three decades ago . If it shrinks to zero you are reducing the albedo (mirrored sunshine) of the Earth. Loss of Arctic sea glaciers is effectively doubling mankind’s contribution to global warming. Increased absorption of natural sunlight is “the same as about twenty years of additional CO2 being added by man”.

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