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If knowledge is power, and I really believe it is, then fitness facility providers will want to know that their secrets are out. But, believe it or not, this isn’t a negative thing that Pepin-Donat has done. This reserve is wonderful for both consumers and for our industry actually. Pepin-Donat’s goal is obviously to help the consumer to understand how to lose weight and get in shape, and he will not discourage health and fitness center memberships. In fact, he encourages them. But, he warns that fitness centers have to earn consumers’ business. “There is certainly nothing incorrect with a salesperson wanting to help you make a decision to buy their service or product,” he says.

“The thing you should be worried about is the way they do it. If the salesperson comes across to be overly intense and negative in any way, walk out. The clutter fitness facilities have manufactured from customer service needs to be cleaned up. Pepin-Donat provides some good solid facts about how exactly facility providers run their businesses.

And, it’s not all negative toward fitness centers. He provides the right explanations for why facility managers do the simple things they actually, for their business’ sake. The key is that by making consumers aware of this, and just why, perhaps consumers can get past the obstacles of joining a service. Consumers need to exercise to lose excess weight, and Pepin-Donat has obviously painted an image that among the best ways for them to do that is in an exercise facility. He is Frank about what consumers should look for in a service quite, making a comparison of the amenities and equipment in a Curves vs.

  • They luxurious personal attention on people
  • Monday: 5 easy miles in the morning, or rest, aqua-jogging in the night
  • ALT: 7-56 systems per liter of serum
  • Customizable tracking while training, working, biking and more

“quality fitness club,” and, in another chapter, decrying the grade of some home fitness equipment and the gimmicks companies use to sell it. Most of you know that the truth told about fitness gyms in “The Big Fat Health Lie” comes from a credible source. Pepin-Donat is actually a seasoned operator in the health/fitness industry, having controlled more than 450 fitness centers in 11 countries.

He still left his last job on the market prior to publishing this book, saying, “There is absolutely no way I could communicate this information while working within the health and exercise industry. I would be fired.” And, when warned about alienating a business he spent some time working set for more than 25 years, he says, “Why would anyone be threatened or alienated by the truth? Consumers who read this publication will never be turned off about fitness facilities likely.

And, those health and fitness center operators who read this publication and are switched off – well, I guess you understand why. Either real way, this truth could just help you to make some changes in your business where possible. But, more importantly, it may empower one to know that another person walking through your door may know more about your business than you once thought. You could use that in your favor – or not.

If there is anything more important than canceling the regular membership and sending the notice, it is to ensure they have implemented the same over their office. One of the tips that you must know that you cannot cancel your Fitness 19 membership simply more than a phone call. You may have to pay additional cancellation fees.