Observations WITHIN AN Undemocratic World

In what was a clearly avoidable tragedy at Balicasag Island, the young life of the Chinese snorkeler was prematurely cut brief in what can only certainly be a preventable occurrence. I was staying with a friend who is a dive trainer at Alona Beach whenever a message was released on social mass media.

The woman evidently who was not just a strong swimmer was unguided when she was found unresponsive and face down in a life preserver by local people. As was explained to me, she had purchased a ticket on a dive charter vessel as a snorkeler and was not a scuba diver. She had gone out snorkeling alone and obviously was not being monitored. What’s known is she was delivered snorkeling unguided and left unattended; at some stage she experienced difficulty and the others is unknown. As no one was looking after her, by the time her lifeless body was found out by another boat there was little chance of resuscitation.

This is the Philippines and one doesn’t expect much to happen here, a life was and needlessly lost in circumstances that should be considered negligent tragically. When a boat finally arrived there was no resuscitation equipment aboard, no oxygen and no trained employees certainly. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask questions of why she was snorkeling solo, why she was left unchecked for so long and just why nobody knew she was missing.

I understand the commercial requirements of owning a dive business and the necessity to generate revenue. I also know business procedures have an obligation to their customers when it comes to their safety, this can’t be relegated behind safety aspects. This bands just as true in developing countries where laws and/or legal systems would be considering lax by developed countries’ standards. Because it is improbable any legal action would be successful, doesn’t indicate dive providers should take such an attitude.

In my ideal world, inflation would be close to zero and steady, but nobody will worry much if it’s 1.7%. Indeed, the Fed would like to see inflation above zero. The Fed is not just a danger in these conditions. As the graph above shows, the equity market has suffered from numerous anxiety attacks lately (i.e., spikes in the Vix/10-yr percentage, accompanied by declines in collateral prices).

Today, however, implied collateral volatility is low and nobody needs anything outrageous from the Given quite, so it’s unsurprising that collateral prices are floating higher. PE ratios (using income from continuing procedures) today are a little over 21, regarding Bloomberg, but that isn’t at all unusual given the very low degree of 10-yr nominal and 5-yr real produces. As the graph above shows, the wages yield on the S&P 500 tends to follow the inverse of the true yield on 5-yr TIPS. If anything, the current earnings yield on stocks shows that real yields are too low (signifying the Fed could be tighter and real yields higher).

Stocks, in other words, appear priced to raised yields than the connection market is presuming. As the chart above shows, the equity risk premium (the difference between profits yields on stocks and shares and the produce on 10-yr Treasuries) continues to be relatively high. That means investors are quite ready to forego the yields and capital gains potential of stocks and shares in trade for the protection of Treasuries.

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Again, this isn’t an overly-optimistic market. If the marketplace was exuberant, the equity risk high quality would be negative, not positive. What’s driving collateral prices higher is not anything sinister nor dangerous. Given that the market doesn’t expect things to change much, investors are reluctantly conceding that the higher yields on equities and other asset classes-relative to cash and Treasury take note and bond yields-are attractive.

All I understand is, Obama is partially responsible for Donald Trump being president today. 6. Rule By Executive Order: Annoyed by a Congress that was unwilling to act or compromise, Obama issued a lot of professional orders to get things done. This came across as dictatorial in nature and further eroded our government structure by putting more and more power into the presidency. But the big problem with executive orders is they can be undone with the stoke of the pen, by another professional – as we are viewing now.