Lindsay Lohan Reacts ‘Huh’ To THE NEWS HEADLINES That Lea Michelle Landed Ariel

Lindsay Lohan has long said her ‘dream role’ would be Ariel in THE TINY Mermaid. And the former Disney celebrity seemed very shocked to discover that Lea Michele will portray Ariel in the Hollywood Bowl’s ‘live-to-film’ rendition of THE TINY Mermaid this summer. After TheDisneyPrincesses Instagram reported the solid of performers who’ll be singing The Little Mermaid songs live in the 1989 cartoon film, Lohan appeared to take exception, leaving a comment that said: ‘Huh?

It seems Lohan was baffling this Hollywood Bowl performance for Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid that is in development for some time. Share Michele is not portraying Ariel but performs her songs live for The Hollywood Bowl crowd, while the 1989 animated film takes on in the backdrop.

The Hollywood Bowl performances will be for two nights only, on Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, featuring an all-star cast led by Michele. Harvey Fierstein executes as Ursula, Cheech Marin as Chef Louis, Peter Gallagher as King Triton, Leo Gallo as Prince Eric and Ken Page as Sebastian.

There may also be a special guest with composer Alan Menken, who will perform the tracks from the Oscar-winning and Grammy rating, along with a full live orchestra. As for the long-awaited live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, director Rob Marshall, who is arriving off Disney’s smash reach Beauty and the Beast remake, hinted there could be new sounds not too long ago. You will discover things I’ve learned regarding how you have to operate to integrate songs into the story, and exactly how it must feel earned,’ he said. For the sought after Ariel role, there is a report from That Hashtag Show that exposed Zendaya was apparently leading runner. Lohan most starred in the film Among the list of Shadows fairly recently, which was released in March. She also starred in her own MTV fact series, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which debuted back in January.

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