I likely have talked more potential Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental property owners out of purchasing a house than I have talked them into purchasing something. ROI or return on investment is what many people are looking for. Let’s go through the basics as it pertains to obtaining a good return at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Keep in mind that the Lake has an extremely short vacation local rental season in comparison to other locations, such as California or Florida. Here we are looking at 90 days and with respect to the type of property approximately, weekend accommodations for the most part you are only heading to get. Day and Labor Day That might be 15 weekends between Memorial. You’ll also get a few outside of that time frame, but more than 80% of your rentals will fall within that 90-day window.

Let’s use a two-bedroom condo as our model. Per night in the summer and you could expect around 40 summer nights 175. 140 per night range. 8,400.00 for the growing season. 11,000.00 for the year. That would include your mortgage, insurance, taxes, quarterly electricity, and assessments. Depending on who you utilize you are going to give 35-40% of your rental income to the Lake of the property management company. 5,500 in net income from rentals. 8,500 on the two-bedroom condo. Even if you manage the property yourself you will, in most cases, come up a little short. However your perspective shall make all the difference!

The ultimate guide to a good property is within the numbers it returns. When your accounting is in order, the proof is illustrated what risks, challenges, or future problems have been completely attended to and that which was the cost. To find out more, please read our article about real estate accounting software. Investors are less powered by emotive issues like the aesthetics of the property and are more focused on what type of return they’ll create using their investment.

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They’ll want to see proof the rental agreement and proof rental payments being made by the tenant. So, have these to hand out and remember to redact any personal or sensitive information, such as bank account details, from copies of these documents. Be ready to answer questions like, “have you increased the rent before and by how much” or “how much do you spend on maintenance each year?” or “do an agent is utilized by you to manage your property and what do they charge?

” or “will there be any work which must be done to the property? ” Zero is rarely a credible response to many of these and understand that they’ll probably ask the tenant whether they believe any improvements are required, so be honest. Not every buyer thinking about entering the local rental market realizes that the funding is not the same as it was for his or her owner-occupied personal home. A loan designed for a personal home can require a minimum down payment of 3.5% to 5%, whereas an investment property loan may require a 25% deposit.