I believed most people who have a home in Kota Kinabalu know where is 1 BORNEO, the latest hyper-mall in the city. For individuals who do not know, they may take the free shuttle bus services (provided by 1 Borneo) from major stores and hotels in the city. 1 Borneo developer claimed that it’s the largest mall in Borneo. Week The total project has not been completed however the programmer did a soft opening last. According to the announcement, the whole development was expected to be completed in two months from now.

When completed 1 Borneo will feature 7 cinemas, bowling alley, 2 blocks of very real estate, 3 hotels, and many big names (franchise) shops. This morning, we decided to take a little tour to 1 1 Borneo after having noticed so much about it. I was very disappointed as we were traveling into the engine car park as it had not been well arranged.

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There were no clear indicators for direction for parking or to shop entrances. The traffic wardens themselves appeared lost and the most severe part was that the complete carpark was so dirty and dusty. It had been an enjoyable change when we moved into the shopping area. The air-condition was cool and the floor cleaned out and waxed.

The whole area is really huge with some shops already doing their business. The mall is a lot bigger than Lot 10 or Sungei Wang Plaza of Kuala Lumpur. A Saturday Being, the complete area was congested with people where in fact the restaurants were located especially, like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza hut, Kenny Rogers, and others.

I realized that 1 Borneo is a great place for family outings especially for those with children. Day enjoying the good air-conditioning and the favorite franchise stores Both Parents and children can have a cushy. For now, at least there is no parking utilization and fee of the toilet is free.

The Bible says: “Do not judge, and you shall not be judged; do not condemn, and you shall not be condemned; give, so you shall be given; forgive, and you’ll be forgiven.” is a meaning. Indeed, it is hard to state that experience in life we are “useful”, “more to the state when these experiences this understanding how to experience”.

However, if we can take the life as an indivisible whole, will see they occurred in should instant someday, this should be a wonderful experience, a live in the present instant experience. Steve Jobs has for a long period in preschool art school (English “calligraphy”). He could be writing a scheduled program to market the computer, do not know what is the use of such.

But in a long time later, in the design of the first MAC, those beautiful font beautiful interface as he strikes to show over battle earning magic weapon. If do not have this experience, he is the right side of the mind is not exercised, there is no design concept was updated, there won’t be iPod MacBook iPhone.

In his famous Standford commencement conversation also talked about “connecting the dots (will the dots)”. Personal growth is an eternity thing, is a Marathon rather than a sprint, time an extended, don’t run out of gasoline. If we take the 100m Sprint Speed to perform a Marathon, the results on the early burn themselves away, gas depletion after stop.