ANY KIND OF Good Pirates?

The first hopeful, “good” pirate I thought we would research was Captain William Kidd. He was created around 1645 to 1660 in Scotland. He was a family group man and a one-time gentleman actually. The next pirate I looked into was Sir Henry Morgan. Morgan was born on December 21, 1635 in Wales, England. He was knighted at the end of his profession for taking one of the main cities of the Spanish Empire— Panama.

King Charles II knighted Morgan for his triumph and made him Deputy Governor of Jamaica; and Morgan finished up capturing and even dangling his once fellow buccaneers. This may have sounded as if Morgan had a noticeable change of heart, however upon further reading, he could hardly be labeled a “good” pirate. Morgan, in fact, was one of the most ruthless of most pirates.

He wiped out men, children and women alike. He attacked the populous city of Portobelo on the Isthmus of Panama and killed all but a few people. Mary Read, was one of several female pirates that I learned about, and I felt perhaps she was a “good” pirate. Mary grew up in England and to make a full time income for herself, she disguised herself as a youngster and joined up with the infantry.

She later joined the Calvary where she fulfilled and fell in love with a fellow soldier- (who was simply probably surprised to discover that she was feminine). Her life might gladly have finished there, however her husband died young and still left her a poor, penniless widow. She decided to become a soldier again and to sail to America, when her dispatch was captured by pirates. Obviously, she joined up with the team and became a good (rather bad) pirate with her previous skills as a soldier.

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When the pirates captured another ship, Mary fell in love again with one of the staff people. She even fought a bloody duel with one of her fellow pirates to safeguard him and won. These were married, but instead of living happily ever after, the pirate ship was attacked by the British.

Mary fought boldly along with Anne Bonney (another feminine pirate), but she was captured and taken to England to hang. Her husband was released, but poor Mary died in prison. I’m afraid her pirate ways got the best of her–and she wasn’t a “good” pirate after all. Jean Lafitte, it holds true, was a smuggler, and pirate, but he was also known for his valiant service to your country in fighting the British. I hoped that he was perhaps the one “good” pirate I was looking for.