Any Experience With 24 Hour Fitness Yoga Classes?

Any experience with 24 hour Fitness yoga classes? Any experience with 24 hour Fitness yoga classes? I’m obtaining a gym account to 24 hour Fitness, mostly for the cardio and weights, but observed they had some yoga classes too. I’ve never done yoga before but I’ve been quite thinking about it for a while and wished to get into it.

I’m wanting to know if this is a decent spot to start; I’m supposing there’s a big difference between something similar to that and a pricier place, but was wondering to see if you guys acquired any thoughts. The fitness center is within Sunnyvale CA if it makes a difference. Mostly depends upon who’s teaching it; it’ll oftimes be some type of vinyasa or vinyasa/pilates combo. I’m mainly interested some of the meditative qualities, like Kripalu or Ishta.

Like you said it depends on the trainer, but I was wondering if I should look at somewhere a bit more professional or reputable to really get a great experience with it. I like to supplement my weightlifting workout with it, but its pretty basic. It does depend on the trained teacher and if they instruct more than beginner level.

It all depends on the instructor, but I started my yoga practice at 24 hour (in Denver though, sorry!) and it was thought by me was a wonderful environment for a yoga class. It was a moderately serious class, and the instructor was very good at accommodating those who have been more complex than others.

Compared to yoga studios I’ve practiced at since, if you also use the fitness center part of 24 hour, you’ll get your money’s worth. Do not be concerned with where the course is being taught always, but who the class is being taught by. If you can find out the instructor’s name, you can do a seek out them on the Yoga Alliance website and find out what design of yoga they were trained in.

You may possibly also let the instructor know that you are interested in a few of the deeper areas of yoga. It depends on the location. In my own area there are educators with whom I did my 200hr training offering classes @ 24hr and World Fitness center. One specifically supplies the more meditative style you point out.

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The Y where I instruct a weekly class and sub others only allows ‘proper’ yoga instructors to pay those classes. In short, don’t dismiss it without looking at it out for you to ultimately see who is teaching at where you are. Obviously there are gyms where it’s somebody who had a long-standing practice and was there when the last teacher left (don’t get me wrong- sometimes these are amazing teachers), or fitness trainers who had taken a weekend on yoga. As the popularity of yoga is growing, so does the pool of qualified, trained teachers. If you have alot of 24s in the area, try all of them out-most 24 gyms have 3-5 different yoga instructors. You’re destined to find one that’s good. But the majority of them ignore the spiritual part of yoga, at least in my experience. It’s more yoga for physical health over meditation/spirituality.

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