7 Best PEO Companies For Small Business

What’s nice about Justworks as compared to most PEOs is that you’ll know your prices up front. A couple of no step-up fees other than what’s shown. Justworks offers software as a service (SaaS) as part of its PEO, which means that it’s possible for both you and your employees to use ― whether you’re updating employee data or operating reports. From a straightforward set up to live chat support, which most PEOs don’t offer, Justworks is focused on taking the strain out of controlling people.

Justworks manages new hire paperwork and conformity, such as state new hire reporting. It can store employee paperwork and forms electronically and control your employees’ paid time off all in a single system. Furthermore, it provides all sorts of worker benefits ― with an update to the Plus plan ― allowing your small business to provide big company health insurance plans.

The payroll service with Justworks manages all of your U.S. 1099s and W-2s. You can pay commissions and reimburse expenses. It also provides you with workers’ compensation insurance. If you upgrade to the Plus plan, it’ll manage your business 401(k) plan as well. Justworks offers a self-service option for employees via mobile or website. Its intuitive Employee Dashboard makes it easy for employees to manage their time off requests, benefits enrollment, pay stubs, and tax documents.

In reality, employees can view all this, including worker forms, and documents, as well as a company calendar through the web site or mobile software. With the Basic plan Even, you get access to certified HR expertise via phone, email, live chat, or Twitter. Justworks customer support is available 24/7 from a New York-based support team. Justworks offers HR support to your employees too, unlike other PEOs, like ADP TotalSource, that will send the worker to you if they have questions back.

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  • Not all products will be accessible for everybody, especially the poor

Among the PEOs we reviewed, Justworks is the latest national PEO company and could lack the depth of experience of some of the bigger PEOs like Oasis Outsourcing, TriNet, or ADP that have been around for further than twenty years. Earns 5 out of 5-star ratings regularly on third-party websites Justworks, including ours.

What small business users like is the easy-to-use user interface and that it functions payroll for both employees and companies, which PEOs like Oasis Outsourcing don’t. As a newer player, some note that it lacks advanced features like applicant monitoring that it’ll need as it develops. The best way to sign up for Justworks is to ask for a demo on its website.