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Cairo Tours

Cairo tours, a city full of wonders. Cairo is the seat of the most sophisticated civilizations of the world, boasting some of the ancient wonders of human kind, as well as some of the most modern skyscrapers and the greenest of deserts. There’s always something to do in Cairo. Whether you are a history buff or a culture junky, Cairo is the perfect place to explore. If you loved this post as well as you want to be given more info with regards to Cairo day trips kindly go to the web page.

Cairo Tour Pyramids – It is the best way to see the beauty and wonder of Cairo’s pyramids. Cairo pyramids tours will take you to the four major pyramids of Giza, from the southern perimeter where the Great Pyramids of Giza stands today, all the way to the northern end. In just one hour, you’ll be taken on a spectacular tour of the Pyramids as well as their incredible history.

Millions of tourists visit the Karnak temple every year. It is located on Cairo’s south-western edge. It is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and is one of the largest attractions in Cairo. Cleopatra and her gold statue can still be seen inside. It was built in 97BC by Pharaoh Nectaun.

Cairo tour of the Egyptian Museum offers the opportunity to experience the inexplicable miracles of nature at one the best museums on earth. The natural wonders of Egypt can be explored by visitors from all walks of life. The Egyptian Museum contains thousands of artifacts that depict almost every aspect early Egyptian culture. You can view a complete replica the Stone Age village, Ptolemaic Temple or the Necropolis as well as a variety of amazing relics.

Luxor and the nearby region – Luxor is a ten-hour drive east of Cairo. From there, you can access the Valley of the Kings and reach Luxor. This region was known for its ancient royal ruins, including the Luxor temple, Hatshepsut. It can still be seen today. The Valley of the Kings also holds one of the largest collections of mummies in the world. Luxor and Cairo make great day trips from any part Egypt. Visitors often combine Luxor with Cairo safaris.

The Nile cruises-The most iconic leg of any Cairo tour. These cruises depart from Cairo’s capital and travel to the Red Sea coast. Once on the open waters, visitors will witness the dynamic change from the quiet oases of the previous centuries to the turbulent climate and modern lifestyle of Cairo today. Every day, the Nile cruises offer a different view into Egypt’s ever-changing region. You will visit many cities such as Aswan, Hurghada and Coptic Egypt. While there, you will also experience the history of each place, witness the beauty of the river, and be given an insight into the daily lives of ordinary Egyptians.

A Cairo tour without a stop in Fustat, once home to the greatest attraction in Egypt, the Great Sphinx – a great showpiece at any Cairo tour – would not be complete. A gala Cairo transit tour with Egypt’s Interior Ministry offers a unique experience that includes a visit the Great Sphinx as well as the ancient city Giza. This tour will take you through the monuments, museums, and ancient buildings of Giza. It also gives you a glimpse into Cairo’s modern life.

If you are looking for something a bit more relaxed, there are many one-day trips from Cairo to the Sinai Peninsula, and to destinations such as Abu Simbel, the cradle of Western architecture in Egypt. Luxor is also a popular day trip destination. Luxor is one of Egypt’s largest cities and contains some of the most impressive monuments in the entire world. These short day trips are a great way to get out of Cairo and see the sights.

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