I REALLY LIKE Lipstick 1


Aside from my obvious and far (personal) publicised love of lipstick, I am also a fan of photography. It’s a side effect of the job. I see everything as an image. It has it’s upsides (natural art direction skills, capability to make my shoots the best they can be, provides workaholic impression), but it too has downs.

I’ve bought many a useless little bit of detritus at a market because it appeared as if it should be captured and framed in my own hallway, or delivered as an image postcard. In reality maybe one or two pieces have made it onto one of my shoots, the rest I hoard for future occasions of creative expulsion. It has additionally led me to buy and lose many a good camera often. I resolved the problem by buying my other half a Canon SLR for his birthday, so it was his the thing is, but mine also.

  1. It provides enough hydrating for the day
  2. Avoid smoking and alcohol
  3. Bacterial “dressing”
  4. DMDM hydantoin
  5. Splurge Cream Shadow in Elegant

A: What you’ll show and what you won’t show. MK: Women that will show their hands and won’t show their hands; there’s so a lot of things that ladies think about. Do you think the future will be more and more about women designers? A: It doesn’t appear that way. Like when you look at the up-and-coming designers, there’s very little women. I assume the field is left by it open up for you guys.

Have any particular designers influenced you? A: Fortuny’s been my favorite always, just the ease and the beauty and the colors. A: Yohji’s always just magical. MK: There’s a lot of designers. MK: After all, old Donna and Calvin Klein, and there are so many. A: There are so many moments that happen in the style industry that, like art, constantly come back as sources. One of the criticisms of contemporary design is that there isn’t enough focus on technique, but technique appears to be important for you.

And you’re in a position to find the craftspeople? MK: Yes. A whole lot of Europeans are arriving here as well. You’re within an unusual situation for designers in the sense that you’re also called fashion icons. Does that term imply anything to you? A: Whenever we moved to NY I think, for NYU. People called it homeless stylish or granny stylish. There were a lot of terms. But it was an extremely striking minute.

Were you mindful it was occurring? A: That instant for all of us was us waking up, going to college, and not seeking one to take our picture. Sort of a bit of protection. MK: For me, it was so cold, like the wind flow chill. How will you not put on 20 things when you’re going from LA to walking through the snow?