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An Ordinary Girl Just

I used to have very oily skin during my puberty days, which has caused my skin to be prone to acne and blackheads. I have large pores that appears to be clogged up with excess sebum all the time. I have tried all sorts of products available in the market, but sadly, none of them could really solve my problems until my mum suggested me to try washing my face every night using sea salt water. The idea of cleaning my face with sodium drinking water was weird.

I was worried that trying it could only worsen my condition. Nevertheless, I still summoned the courage to mirculously, it have not only help to clear the excess oil on my face, but also be rid of acne and blackheads! I am pleased that I required a try actually. Sea salt is known for its purifying properties, that may provide a great detox treatment for your skin.

This really helps to decrease the size of our skin pores and remove blackheads. Salt has natural antiseptic properties that really helps to promote faster curing. This means that people with acne problems, cuts or other blemishes to cure in a shorter time. I believe many of us are aware of this already. For instance, I believe everyone of you would have experience sore throat/ulcers in your daily life. Usually, the doctor will always recommend that you gargle down some salt water frequently as to destroy the bateria that has triggered the irritation. However, sodium may be quite drying also, especially for people who have sensitive or dry skin.

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  • Then wash off with cool water

In this case, I would think that sodium drinking water might be too severe to be utilized on your skin as it can have cause more irritation and worsen the condition. Nonetheless it differs for differing people too. How Do I Use Sea Salt? The method is simple enough. Simply add some sea sodium into lukewater water and wash your face with it when the sodium has dissolved. I’d start with adding the salt in warm water first to have them dissolved before adding in some cool water. After washing, wash your face clean with chilly clean drinking water simply. You could apply your acne creams or daily mosturizers afterwards.

Note: I do not use this everyday. I ceased when Personally i think some irritation or drying and began again after letting my skin relax for a couple of days. But whatever it is, I do not think that there is one single thing in this world that will solve all the problems. Prevention is better than anything. That is why I always think that healthy and good skin starts with good daily habits.

This means lesser fried and processed foods and more fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. It’s important to have sufficient water everyday. So drink lots of water! Have a good personal cleanliness such as cleaning that person and going for a shower everyday. Obviously, it is bad if your over- cleaned that person too as it will often dry your skin instead.

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