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The Strong Force

With the Olympia this month, the IFBB Fitness Spotlight for September 2011 was a no-brainer. This month’s IFBB Spotlight goes to one of the most successful IFBB fitness champions ever sold: Adela Garcia! Today Adela is arguably The very best fitness competition in the world, and for good reason. She’s competed (AND WON) many game titles, including multiple Fitness Fitness and Internationals Olympias.She was created in Cabrera, Dominican Republic, and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico along with two older brothers. For all those thinking, yes, she was a tomboy.

Growing up energetic, she attempted everything and whatever you could think of in sports activities, including volleyball, softball, and golf ball. This wasn’t a sport, but there is a period that she (along with her brothers) putting forks in electrical outlets to see if they could see their skeletons! Despite all of that, there is one sport she never officially participated in, and it’s the primary sport that is credited with a great deal for fitness tournaments: gymnastics. She wished to take gymnastics classes, but financial issues held her from doing this.

So what did she do? She tried cartwheels and back-walkovers at home and held me active doing offers with my two brothers. At age 17, she was introduced to weight training. In college, she joined the Army’s ROTC program, After being in the ROTC for two years, she decided to take a trip throughout the areas to learn English.

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While I frequented California, I remember a couple of individuals suggesting that I try to compete in a fitness show. She was a bit skeptical because she did not have any kind of dance background to compete. She declined that point and relocated to Puerto Rico in 1995 back again. During that right time, she taught aerobics classes and did some fitness at the fitness center on a military base. It had been there where a poster was seen by her for the NPC Armed Forces Fitness Championships in North Carolina. She entered that contest and ended up placing second and was immediately hooked from that true point on. She would compete in more local and nationals shows until 1999, where she took the entire fitness title at the 1999 USA Fitness Championship and earned my IFBB pro card. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fundraising, assisting with a charity event, donating items which can help others are real ways to help the less lucky. Which is often more appreciated than cleaning anyway. Visit the elderly: There was an elderly woman in my neighborhood when my son was a baby and he and I went for weekly trips to visit her.

She valued it so much and all 3 folks loved our time together. Write a hub on HubPages: I’ve gotten almost addicted to HubPages and writing hubs now. It makes me feel as though someone away is listening to my tone of voice there. Write a poem: Writing poetry is an extremely creative outlet for me to express my innermost thoughts, and helps to bring a feeling of peacefulness and contentment when the poem is completed.

Right in my own blessings journal: This always helps me to feel appreciation toward our creator for those that He has blessed me with. Since the blessings were begun by me journal years back, writing in I am kept because of it humble, and thankful. Write a notice that is valued: For a couple of years I have written characters to Soldiers portion abroad in the military through a corporation called Soldier’s Angels.

I also write to my aunt, who’s in a convalescent home across the country in California. The recipients of the letters all seem grateful. Read a good reserve: Books can take me places while remaining put geographically. I love to read, self-improvement, and self-help books especially, trying to improve my mind and inspiration always.