My Adventure :) 1

My Adventure :)

This next review is about the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover by Pixy. The purchase price is RM8.90. The makeup remover has pink color oil. LOL the essential oil part is red. It so cute. To utilize it we have to shake it and it shall form a foam. To test the product let’s make an experiment! The picture above show my hands with all attention and lip makeup. Shaking the product it will form a foam.

Put the merchandise on natural cotton and swipe the makeup. To make it efficiently remove more, hold the cotton on your eyes for a couple of seconds to help make the makeup melted. So for the very first swipe it removes most of the makeup, the full swipe removes all the makeup even the stubborn lipstick :D. I really love this makeup remover. It can remove all waterproof makeup in a cheap price. It kinda sticky (well all essential oil-based makeup remover is sticky) so I need to detox afterwards. Overall, this is inexpensive makeup remover that does its job.

I believe that children’s beauty pageants should be prohibited to a certain point. I believe that placing all the heavy make-up and high heels on your son or daughter is the parents’ choice, but I also think that under a certain age, kids shouldn’t be open to all that. Beauty pageants are teaching children that the greater constitute you have on, the greater talented you are, and the prettier your clothes are, the better you are. Beauty pageants do not involve unlawful activities, unlike sports activities. In some players use illegal drugs to make sure they are preform better. Could Child Beauty Pageants Be Banned in America? Should Childhood Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

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Even though it doesn’t feel like it here in sunlit California (it’s currently 76℉/ 24.44℃), fall months is to arrive a couple of days therefore I’m needs to grab my heavy striking creams, like this one from Holika. The Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream came in a Meme Box and I’ve been utilizing it for days gone by little while.

This ultra-hydrating cream not only hydrates your skin but also enhances the water-holding capacity of the skin, thanks to the powerful hydrating component, ceramide. The Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream contain ceramide, a necessary part of your skin’s external structure, which helps the skin keep moisture for to 72 hours up. Formulated for all skin types, this cream will not contain parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, steroid, BHT, petrolatum, polyacrylamide, benzophenone, or ruminant originated ingredients. To top it all off, additionally it is cruelty free and minor enough for even delicate skin types.

8.14 USD per oz). It will come in a jar packaging, which isn’t the ultimate way to store skincare items. Most appropriate ingredients are sensitive to light and air so starting the jar and revealing it to the elements may degrade the beneficial ingredients as time passes. I couldn’t find a complete ingredients list online apart from these three substances: ceramide, shea butter, and cola extract, known as arugula also.

If this cream is composed of only these three items, the jar product packaging is okay but usually, a con. Either way, jar packaging can be unhygienic unless you take proper precautions, like using a sanitized spatula to scoop out product each right time or at the very least, sanitizing your paws before dipping into the jar. The cream is definitely on the thick side, which is what I expect once I hear, “cream”. I’ve run into several formulations that state to be a cream but can only just be described as a whipped cream at best.