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Title: “How DO YOU WANT TO Create Positive Change”, book one in a string. About the writer: Leah Oviedo can be an author of 6 books, self-defense trainer, fundraiser, long-time volunteer, and community activist with an enthusiasm for equality, community participation, and usage of information. She founded the Change is Up To You Project in 2012 to promote and support those who find themselves being the change they want to see.

Her volunteer career includes environmental and cultural issues for many organizations. This is the first publication in a string that encourages people to solve problems and create lasting solutions in their areas. Sixteen amazing people from across the world have shared successful stories of how they created positive change in their areas.

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Each interview carries a blueprint for the way they got action, what obstacles they overcame, and advice on how everyone can be an active participant in creating a much better world. These realtors of change are championing for individual privileges, education, health, environmental sustainability, finishing violence, eradicating poverty, mentoring youngsters, improving their areas, and inventing products that induce a better world. They are different genders, skin ages, and colors who live in different countries and have different beliefs. What they share in keeping is taking action. Today to talk about her book and share an excerpt Leah is stopping by the blog! Deborah Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Leah!

What inspired one to come up with the theory for your publication? Leah Oviedo: Glad to be here! As a devoted volunteer for various organizations within the last 15 years I wanted to emphasize the amazing work that has been done across the globe. I was sick and tired of reading so much negativity in periodicals and online and noticing how major mass media outlets concentrate on bad news a lot more than good. Prior, to creating the idea I was focusing on personal development and practicing ‘being the change I wish to see’.

Deborah: Have there been any challenges in writing this publication? Leah: Since all the books in this series contain interviews with people from around the world and are all done via e-mail, it’s challenging to gather the interviews. For those who procrastinate or neglect I might have to follow up three or four 4 times before they actually send it if you ask me.

In this first publication, one individual who I really wished to include and who expressed interest actually contacted me your day I published the publication so her interview had not been included. Deborah: More and more people out there want to create a book. Any tips to talk about with a person who wants to be released?

Leah: I self-published all six of my books so the most important advice if you choose that route is to employ a talented, experienced editor and do it now! There are various publishing systems to use. I select Amazon because of the high profit percentage, the ease of self-publishing and the countless tools they offer can help your book get noticed. There is a lot of advice to advertise your publication online and most of it offers hardly any return for the tie up and work spent.