How Can We Use These Models? 1

How Can We Use These Models?

One reason why I wanted to work in main schools is because there’s a license to be creative. The more creative you can be the better for the small children. This is not always the case if you teach a definite subject. Actually the best thing about teaching in main is that you can link the creative subjects to others and this will only advantage the children’s learning.

I do this lesson on making the Titanic first. Then we had an art lesson on designing it. Last but not least we had an English lesson on writing instructions from what they did. The instructions were excellent. There was an extremely good reason because of this too – because they had done the experience and weren’t wanting to create instructions using their imagination.

Considering the course was an SEN class they definitely needed a practical activity to create their finest work. I do believe this is actually the best idea for most children though and not simply those who find it hard to use their imagination. Just what exactly do you need? Art materials to decorate your model. Instructions of how to make a straightforward Titanic model from a cereal box.

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First you need to squash down your cereal packet. Just open up the lid at the bottom and top, as if you were opening the packet. After that you need to cut those flaps at the top and bottom of your packet. Once this is performed then you will need to cut it roughly in half.

We don’t want to see what cereal you have been eating so fold it back on itself. Once that is performed you need to measure around 8cm from the base along the folds at the top and cut along these lines. Do the same in the bottom but only 5cm this time around. You did that Once, you can fold both parts and stick it together using sellotape jointly.

Then do the same for the back of the ship. But remember to only indicate and cut down 5cms here. You should observe that there are sticky out parts on the top now. These need to trim off using scissors. And undoubtedly sticking down again. You have the hull of the dispatch Now.

Next we have to focus on the living quarters. First get the spouse of the packet that you didn’t use. Mark on 4 parallel lines Then. Each must be wider than the toilet rolls you have for the funnels. Note that I had developed to also put a square after one of these rectangles to ensure I can cover up that face when placed on the ship.

Then I cut it out. I also folded it around to make a cuboid shape. Before sticking it with sellotape jointly. Check it out on for size. But I realized I put made a blunder then! I realized that the Titanic needed four funnels but I only had room for 3 on my cuboid. But this is fine, as we all make mistakes. THEREFORE I looked how to improve it. A simple solution was to make the cuboid longer, so I made a cube to stay on the comparative aspect of it.

A grid of 9 squares was attracted, each square the same size as the square face on my cuboid. I used to be pleased with this therefore I stuck the cube and cuboid together with sellotape. Then I looked at the funnels and thought they must be at an angle. So I squashed them and slice the bottom off at a position down. Once I did that, I stuck them all down using sellotape. Then I trapped down the living quarters to the deck of the ship using sellotape. Finally (and this is down to you) I decorated it. Tip: If you are using masking tape instead of sellotape like me, you’ll be able to decorate it a whole lot easier.

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