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Strateji Asset Management this week announced a newly launched equity hedge fund, the VV Madaus Strategy Turkey. 73.000), a 1.5% management charge and a 10% performance charge. The Luxembourg centered fund is registered for sales and marketing in Germany and Austria, with signed distribution agreements with eight major banks across Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and other countries. 85 million in assets under management. They have partnered with Berlin structured ValVeri Invest GmbH, and Munich centered Madaus Capital Partners to produce this fund.

Many have just got enough of the BS – from politicians, from Wall Street, from “Big Business,” the mass media and the inflationist Federal Reserve. We face the downside of many years of financial inflation now, like the consequences of inflating goals frequently. Folks are understandably disillusioned. The political season has cracked things spacious. Gross global financial imbalances and maladjustment are being exposed.

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The rank inequities of the prevailing structure are feeding social, political, and geopolitical instability. Wall Street can continue steadily to pretend that all is well – as the backdrop clearly turns more disconcerting by the week. My thesis remains that the global Bubble has burst. Current risks are extraordinary, and global officials are in this aspect wedded to desperate actions.

1.0 TN yearly, while adding corporate debts to its shopping list. Chinese officials have mentioned their purpose to stabilize their money, while spurring 13% Credit system developments (to ensure 6.5% GDP growth). Market perceptions keep that the Bank of Japan is willing to boast QE, while the Fed would not hesitate to again call upon QE as necessary clearly.

Global markets have rallied strongly over the past month. Bear market rally or a springboard to some other bull run? Or has everything regressed to a sullied game where only the timing of the unfolding fiasco is unfamiliar. Fundamental to the Bursting Bubble Thesis is a most protracted global Credit Cycle has finally succumbed. “Terminal Phase” extra has remained conspicuous wreckage throughout the Chinese economy and economic climate – with momentous global ramifications.

China – combined with the global Bubble – now faces the feared day of reckoning. Confidence in Chinese policymaking has waned – in the same way beliefs are fading in the capacity of QE to rectify the world’s ills. I have seen 2016’s pronounced weakness in global financial shares as important validation of the Burst Bubble Thesis.