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Find out how easygenerator (LCMS) will change your eLearning authoring development process. Our free SaaS elearning authoring software can help you create adaptive eLearning and that means you and your colleagues can create eLearning courses jointly. Our collaborative features (tasks, tasks, remarks and more) changes how you are a creator and with your team.

Find out how easygenerator (LCMS) will change your eLearning courses. Our unique strategy and use of learning objectives changes how you create and develop eLearning programs now and in the foreseeable future. Learning authoring starts with a design process that includes (1) perseverance of the training goals (2) planning how to assess learner understanding, and (3) identifying content needed so the learner can meet objectives.

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  • Download NethServer 7.3 ISO
  • Works on any platform from computers to mobile devices
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“I am excited to see what easygenerator has created. Here’s a tool that promotes proper eLearning design and development by tying jointly the important elements of learning: setup your goals, deliver your learning in small nuggets, and test learners. The interface is inviting and simple and best of all, easygenerator is free!

It takes into account modern needs, such as HTML5 and Tin Can monitoring, and will most of the work for you. The easygenerator e-Learning software for authoring can help you create better and far better eLearning in a far more efficient way. Calendar year We took all the knowledge we gathered over the past 17, added the latest techniques and came up with a brand new innovative authoring solution.. It really is an unique way to create TinCan allowed learning experiences on every device for every device and it is free.

The core of easygenerator’s instructional design features is the learner. Easygenerator’s innovative eLearning instructional design allows for classes to meet and adapt to learners’ needs, putting the learner in charge of course navigation. Predicated on individualized pre-assessment final results, each learner is given a personal plan or research advice to boost areas of weakness while skipping areas that evaluate at competency.

This is performed by placing learning objectives in the centre of the look and creation process and in eLearning classes. Easygenerator is online, which means you can work with a team, irrespective of where they are, on eLearning classes. Easygenerator makes team cooperation in the e-Learning software efficient and easy. Easygenerator’s unique role system assignment, shared workflow templates, version control capabilities, and external review options, provide a one distributed location for everyone involved in course review and development.

One of the reasons easygenerator e-Learning software for authoring is so simple to use is the intuitive user interface, which requires very little training.The most important component of easygenerator is the EVERYTHING YOU See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. As an instructional design author you work in e-Learning software that presents the same representation the learner sees, the only difference can be an author can edit. In this real way, you always know what you do and what influence your development and design will have on the learner.

Easygenerator e-Learning software allows for 1-Click Publishing to the net, to Any Device, On Any LMS (Scorm / TinCan)! Easygenerator allows you to create to any LMS (through SCORM), any website (through HTML) and any device – easygenerator will modify itself dependent on the device. You can even add Xapi for monitoring and tracing outside an LMS.

Finally, as a Cloud solution, all the authoring with easygenerator is performed “in the cloud” so there are no IT requirements for the organization. Hosting, security, support, maintenance and improvements are contained in the annual membership fee. This means don’t worry and no extra cost. Over the years, there were many different ideas of how employees should learn in their role within a company.

Even though most tend to rise in popularity before fading away, many experts think that the 70:20:10 model is the best we’ve ever seen. Being a model, it details the percentage which the three main types of learning may appear – experience, sociable, and formal. Once we can see, the model suggests that experience in the role is the most advantageous type of learning and for that reason makes up for 70% of the training that occurs.