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VeggieSue’s Veggie Adventures

I have so many leftovers from prior meals this week, today so again for lunch and then for dinner, maybe even tomorrow and the weekend, we’ll be completing them up. Wherever you are now, Uncle Buck, I many thanks for these still. I’ve been on the McDougall program for nine years, and I thought it could be smart to come up with some given information for you newcomers.

Whether you are starting the program or maybe just great deal of thought, I hope this given information will be of help you. First and foremost, the thoughts that I am sharing with you here are not intended to replace the essential information contained in Dr. McDougall’s books on this program.

I will presume that you have already read at least one of the books and that you are already familiar with the basics of the program. My intent is only to talk about some success tips predicated on my own experience with the program in order to help insure your success. This program is a lifestyle! As you may have found out after visiting the discussion board already, there are multiple reasons why people choose to be on this program. Some want to rid themselves of chronic health issues, and some want to feel better.

However, if the content on the online community are consultant of the McDougall group at large, the desire to lose weight is by the most common reason far. The McDougall program is a very effective program for weight loss. However, i want to say this very emphatically: IT IS NOT A DIET! IT REALLY IS A LIFESTYLE that we can and should embrace for the others of our lives.

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  • Rotations and Transitions Are Impossible

The folks I know who’ve lost weight and kept it off are those who have made the program their life-style (myself included). Rid yourself of the diet mentality! Have you been on a diet that gave you long lasting results ever? I haven’t, and trust me, I tried them all.

A diet, by its very nature dooms us to failure. Diets involve counting calories, portion limits, regular weigh-ins and overall emotions of deprivation. When we go on a diet, our mentality is that people can deprive ourselves for a while (long enough to get the weight off) and then go back to eating our familiar goodies.

Well to start with, I’ve never known anyone who could even stay on a diet long enough to get the weight off. One of the better definitions of insanity that I’ve have you ever heard is “doing something the same manner you’ve always done it and planning on a different result.” Well, I had been tired of living in such an crazy manner. I decided to completely escape the diet loop finally. I think guess what happens the diet loop is; we’ve all been there. A diet is began by us with the best intentions only to crash and burn in a few weeks. Then we put back on all the weight that people took off and also a couple of extra pounds.