It was not 1977 as I skipped down the stairs into the cellar of the Student Union. The semester had just begun and I was one of thousands of students at the active beehive of higher education called the University of Arizona in Tucson. In my mid-20s Already, I used to be making a career change from law enforcement to journalism. Evening shifts were usually extremely active The.

On those days, the time would pass by very quickly, and it was such a madhouse sometimes, I possibly could wait around to escape there hardly. Evening shifts were usually much slower and quieter The giving me a chance to do my homework if I was lucky. Lots of the students who came into the video games room were foreign students, and I couldn’t help but observe that a huge percentage of them were young Middle Eastern men. They had wierd and wonderful-sounding titles that I had never heard before and some of them experienced thick accents which were very difficult for me to understand.

Many of these were brief in stature with small scrawny structures and dressed up in tidy polyester dress t shirts and pants. Definitely not my type. I always went for guys with solid frames who had been at least as tall as me and weighed more than me. However, coming from a little town on the Mexican border and without previous exposure to Arab men in any way, I was intrigued.

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I found the majority of them polite, a few of them funny, and a few of them even attractive. But ALL of them appeared to smoke cigarettes, that was a genuine turn-off for me. Adnan experienced just found its way to the United States to continue with his studies, working on his Masters Degree in English as another Language and Linguistics. The first time I laid eyes on him down in the games room, the attraction I felt was overwhelmingly strong and immediate. He was wearing bell-bottom jeans (so IN at that time!) and an extended-sleeved woven natural cotton shirt with his sleeves rolled up.

The top two control keys were undone so that a tiny crop of his manly dark upper body hair peeked away. Adnan had absolutely the biggest afro you noticed and a full black beard ever. His eyes were dark brown and sultry, yet danced with a mischievous twinkle. At six feet tall and with strong broad shoulders almost, Adnan seemed older and older than the other Arab students I had fashioned seen.

He looked mysterious, very masculine, strikingly different, and intriguing extremely. The effect he previously on me was surprising. I felt flustered and fragile at the legs just at the view of him virtually. Adnan arrived to the games room daily to try out the pool almost. I found out what his name was because whenever anyone wished to rent a pool table, he had to leave his ID at the check-out counter where I worked.

Even Adnan’s name sounded incredible and exciting if you ask me. I was definitely interested, and I experienced strongly that I wanted to get to know this tall-dark-and-handsome mystical stranger. There was one little small itsy bitsy teensy weensy insignificant problem just. Every single time he came directly into play pool, Adnan was accompanied by a stunning petite blond, whom I secretly named Miss Priss.

Was she his girlfriend? She acquired a lovable perfect figure (like I usually wanted but could not have) and cascading golden curls that tumbled down her back. I’d watch them on the sly together. She always appeared bored. They never touched one another or flirted or really even smiled at each other.