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Business Management – Programs

A Management major will give you the core understanding of the methods, ideas, and principles needed to handle challenges and opportunities that occur in the business world. It will also offer you a knowledge of the economy and the analytical tools of the economist. Calendar year we encourage you to take at least one During your junior or senior, credit-bearing internship.

With New York City and the corporate head office of MasterCard Worldwide and PepsiCo nearby, you will have exceptional opportunities. And a career in business or the non-profit sector the Management program will provide a great background for graduate or professional study. Manhattanville College also offers the Economic Freedom Institute can be a business which catalyzes both the popular and scholarly debate of issues related to financial freedom. Find more info about EFI here.

Overall, there is a general insufficient differentiation between the offerings of the major players and comparative information is easily available to consumers, leading to price-based competition. This situation has been exacerbated by the expansion of web-based travel sites, offering cut-price travel offers, together with the entry of Virgin and Jetset Blue offering flights and package deals at highly competitive rates. Profit margins are highest with Package Tours and Cruises, each yielding a 14% profit, with insurance products yielding the highest with a 17% profit margin.

Airline and accommodation bookings yield a 2% margin, nevertheless the airlines and major hotel chains offer real estate agents bonuses such as free vacations and accommodation during regular offers, should they exceed a predefined amount of bookings. · Effectively segment of the travel market and focus on Greek, Italian, Chinese, and Vietnamese travelers. · Successfully position us as travel specialists.

· Communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal interaction and media. · Create a repeat-business bottom of faithful customers. · Market development projections for the travel industry and for international and domestic travel are accurate. · National financial conditions, which are favorable to the travel industry, will not experience a significant decline in the next five years. · International conditions shall remain favorable for providers.

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· Capacity to produce effective, targeted communications that promote the benefits of experience travel and Harvard’s concentrate and services. · Because of a good economy, travel, and tourism keeps growing. · Population segments have different needs and wants. This requires effective focus on marketing. · Internet sales threaten the traditional firm, and technological improvements require better sophistication and knowledge generally in most sectors. · International conditions, that are favorable, greatly affect the industry. Political unrest, military action, and other issues determine availability to many foreign destinations. Continental Travel Group at Harvard feels that the purpose of business is to make and keep customers. Its online marketing strategy will reveal this goal as it creates its reputation in the Harvard area.

Though Continental functions in the travel industry, it provides a lot more than travels. To create travel to those who desire it. Our company is nothing without our people, that is why our health and wellness, well-being, and our personal and professional development are of utmost importance always. We know our customers are savvy and have a choice as it pertains to their travel needs.