Ojamajo Doremi Book 1 Chapter 4 Part 5 1

Ojamajo Doremi Book 1 Chapter 4 Part 5

It was your day when the announcement for the rainy season was made. “Tachibana-san lives regarding his mother. He feels that Masamune is like him really, so he thinks it’s cute. How should I say this? It’s nice that his personality does not fit his looks. It attracts my maternal instinct!

… So she says,” Hazuki-chan said, imitating Tamaki’s tone. That girlish side isn’t like Tamaki at all. It’s like she’s another person,” Ai-chan said as she scratched her mind. I became relayed each one of these latest information through mobile phone and email telephone calls. “I understand, I know,” Ai-chan agreed. It looked as though Tamaki wanted to have a date with him devoid of the cat as a justification. “She says that even when they meet up about the cat, it’s only for a short while before he runs off to his part-time job.

And though he replies to her messages, he changes this issue whenever she introduces the thought of them going on a date jointly during their leisure time,” Hazuki-chan said. “Tamaki’s being really extreme here,” Ai-chan said. Ai-chan was referring to the known undeniable fact that there weren’t any young girls around Tachibana-senpai who had been like Tamaki, trying to join with him without the bashfulness. That’s true. Tamaki was mature and not just like a high school student in any respect, plus she gives off a reckless vibe, too.

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“That’s why. Isn’t she worried that he’d cool off, stressed that she’ll try him too? “Tamaki-san did mention that he’s been avoiding her lately. She’s scared that she’s become a take the time to him,” Hazuki-chan replied. “Could it be because she’s been stalking him, dressed in a very un-Tamaki-like style? “Hmm, that’s partially it, but she does so because she listened to some rumors that he has a beautiful office sweetheart partner,” Hazuki-chan said, tilting her check out the relative aspect.

“He probably snacks Tamaki just like a little sister, in the end. That working office girl beauty should be the real package,” I concluded. “Huh, that rumored office female? That’s fraudulent information handed down around by those in his workplace probably. Moreover, has there been any longer news? Day after institution The next, Ai-chan and I were going to the MAHO-do.

The instincts of a woman in love could be really sharp sometimes. Ai-chan and my cellphone started ringing at the same time. It’s from Tamaki. What? Meet you now at the institution gates? At Misora High School, not Karen Girls’ Academy? ” I spoke in to the cellphone. What, meet you outside classes? ” Ai-chan was too chatting on her contact.