Which OTC Skin Brightening Creams Work? 1

Which OTC Skin Brightening Creams Work?

After many years, in an improbable event, I had been excited to be reunited with Rachel, my previous university partner. This brought back old sweet thoughts when we we received our honorary degrees in economics at Case Western Reserve University. I at first thought she was cool. One thing she did a lot over the years was spending time at the beach to get herself tanned.

That’s the problem with too much sunlight. You don’t really start to see the repercussions on your skin until years later and at that time, it is past due to repent too. If you look around, you will discover hyperpigmentation to be a very common problem. It is so bad to be out in sunlight too much these days.

The skin brightening cream that my pal uses has alpha hydroxy acid solution as one of its ingredients. It had been bought by her at a beauty shop. Unfortunately, it generally does not appear to be working for her yet. Her areas aren’t any lighter. I can feel her disappointment. You expect to see results when you pay so much for something so when you are failed by it, you feel like you’ve been lied to. She was thinking about opting for plastic surgery but that costs an arm and a leg.

She cannot afford to spend that kind of money. With the tough economic situation these days, you have to forgo certain luxuries. I could tell she still have expectations in finding an OTC treatment to diminish her dark places. So, is there something that works in getting rid of sun places really? I understand I’m not the only one with this question.

If you ask any skin doctor, most of them will let you know that OTC creams aren’t strong enough to remove dark areas. I can understand why they say that. Just take a look at what is necessary for these OTC creams to go on sale. Compared to medications, there are no rigorous checks to past. Usually do not make the error of buying something with prohibited or harsh ingredients. If your skin is sensitive, it might cause adverse reactions. Mild treatments will never be effective on age group places that will be the result of sun harm.

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A majority of doctors will recommend laser resurfacing particularly when it involves a full facial treatments. Below are a few types of such treatments: Sciton tunable erbium laser, DOT Co2 and Fraxel Restore Dual. For spot treatment, they shall use GentleLase laser, Q-switched Yag laser, or broad band light device (IPL).

Besides laser beam, you can decide to use cryotherapy which is utilizing a freezing agent like liquid nitrogen. It generally does not cost just as much as laser. You may find many OTC products on the market claiming to “brighten” or “lighten” dark brown spots, but none of them work. On the other hand, many are very satisfied with the Obagi System. This is one brand that some pores and skin specialists quit a thumbs. It is said that it does a wonderful job of correcting sun damage skin. So, there is hope in the end.

How does it improve your skin layer? The Obagi Nu-Derm System has products that are specially formulated to correct epidermis discoloration and balance out the skin tone. Both hydroquinone and tretinoin are used to solve your trouble. A combination of prescription product containing hydroquinone 4% or higher and retinoic acid or other retinoid derivative may deliver best results. This technique economically is not as burdensome.