How To Make An App For Your Website IN UNDER 30 Minutes 1

How To Make An App For Your Website IN UNDER 30 Minutes

In this last application of the MySQL/Web host-article series, you’re heading to be setting up a fresh website and applying a WordPress theme which has an app-like mobile reactive layout. When we display this site in our app utilizing a UIWebView, it will look, and feel like an application but the user shall actually be interacting with the website itself.

Some good applicants for this kind of app are portfolios, resumes, or content-based apps. You’ll get a discount, I’ll get a bonus at no extra cost for you which supports my efforts in publishing free tutorials. We’re heading to create a brand new WordPress installation. You won’t need another website name nevertheless, you can get one if you’d like.

In this tutorial, we’re going to make a new WordPress installation in a sub-directory since when we display the site in the net view, the user earned’t start to see the domain name or web address anyways. On the next screen, choose “Start a brand new install”. Complete “webapp” for the directory website click and field “Check Domain name”.

  1. Use the free WP Opt-in Crusher plugin to include the subscribe form to every page of your site
  2. Unlimited Pages
  3. What – do you want your site theme (niche) to be about
  4. 7 – Word of Mouth
  5. Add alt text to images for SEO
  6. You can utilize it to generate video-based info products you can sell

The rest of the WordPress setup steps are the same as in the last chapter. Click if you don’t keep in mind here! There are a great number of free mobile responsive WordPress themes that you can get. What you would like to do is to look at the live demos of the themes and usually they’ll have a button showing you the way the theme would look like in a mobile view. By clicking on that button, you can see what it could appear to be if it were shown in a UIWebView in your app. You intend to find something that resembles an app.

I find that the themes which use large photo like tiles for navigation seem to look the most app-like if you ask me. When you’ve found one that you like, download the zip file. Click “Add New” and then “Upload”. Pick the zip file of the theme you downloaded and it shall set it up. You then need to click on the “Activate” link to set your site to use this theme.

Go to your website/webapp and you ought to see your brand-new WordPress theme! What you’re viewing is not the mobile responsive view though, so let’s create the iPhone application with the UIWebView and screen this URL. Since this is likely to be the third app that people do in this series, you should be pretty familiar with the process of fabricating a new single view application Xcode task.