And You Need AN INTERMITTENT Vacation 1

And You Need AN INTERMITTENT Vacation

If you are retired, I’m sure you experienced friends or acquaintances remark it must be nice to be “on holiday” on a regular basis. Only if it were so. No longer working for a paycheck doesn’t mean you aren’t working. And you will need an occasional holiday. There are several good reasons you’d be wise to make sure that time away continues to be part you will ever have.

No matter how occupied you are with new tasks or activities a change in your day to day routine is important. It is easy to fall into a rut too. Doing the same things, every single day can wear you down the same way. It can create a sense of boredom. Shake in the predictability.

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Get away for some time. A big change of scenery can be welcome quite. We’ve lived in the Phoenix area for 26 years. It really is beautiful with several world class resorts. People spend thousands of dollars to hear visit. Yet, we love to escape town for long weekends. The mountains around Flagstaff are just two hours away, but we feel like we’re arriving in another country.

The wines area in southeast Arizona feels like a vacation to Napa Valley. We have been to these places dozens of times over both and a half decades, we’ve lived in Arizona. But, just that short change of surroundings is refreshing and gives us renewed gratitude when we occur home.

It is a time to clear your brain and recharge your mental and physical batteries. Due to the obvious change in regular and the change in scenery, it is common for someone to feel a new burst of energy and creativity. Fresh answers to problems at home can arise. A new activity you would like to tackle instantly seems very doable.

Catch through to leisure activities. Personally, when I embark on a break, no matter how short, I have a stack of reading materials that I know I probably won’t finish. Importantly, it is reading for pleasure. Fiction by authors I love, a biography of a historical physique I find amazing, even magazines about gardening and home improvement land in my suitcase always. The family will take DVDs and board games to fill our evenings.