Upgrading RAM On Your Home Computer 1

Upgrading RAM On Your Home Computer

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. RAM can be an important part of any computer system. RAM is memory to hold frequently used items of data for the computer to access in an effective manner. Accessing Ram memory as opposed to the hard disk is a complete great deal easier and quicker for some type of computer.

RAM is essential for a number of different applications but way more for some than others. For example encoding video would take up a big amount of RAM as it is RAM intensive. Database applications also use up a great deal of RAM due to the amount of data involved. Surfing the web and using PowerPoint or word for example would not use much Ram memory in any way.

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The question you need to ask is do you need the upgraded RAM. Unless you then save your valuable money. If you do please read on. There are several options to choose from when improving RAM. The first is how big is RAM you want to purchase. They come in 256mb, 512mb, 2gig, and 1gig varieties. Just as an instant reference 1gig of RAM will be for some things you should do enough, gig might be overkill. Once you pick the size of the RAM you are wanted by you have to choose the kind of RAM. A couple of two main types of RAM.

DDR and DDR2. Everything you have to take into consideration when buying the RAM is which kind your motherboard will support. Most new Intel motherboards shall take DDR2 as this is the latest technology. At the moment AMD boards are not appropriate for DDR2 so if you have an AMD board then you will have to buy DDR RAM.

Once you get the RAM then you have to install it. Installing RAM is really quite simple. Firstly you need to remove the situation in order to be able to reach the motherboard. Once this is done you simple need to place the RAM into one of the free slots on your motherboard. Something to observe would be the particular slot machine you put the RAM in. Some motherboards can be particularly fussy so browse the user manual of your motherboard before upgrading the RAM.

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