Image/Makeup: Kevyn Aucoin – The Book “Making Faces”. Just about everyone has seen a variety of images of Contouring. The mass variety of before and after pics showing the decorated makeup ‘maps’ on faces. Instructions for the correct keeping light and dark makeup to achieve the perfect contour. The faces almost look like a mask of kinds which is now being known as a “contour map”.

Nonetheless, the after photo is always gorgeous, flawless, and the makeup looks like perfection. I have acquired a great deal of my clients and people ask me about this development. As much as it’s popular it has also deterred clients from trying the trend. Especially if you are a person who has never worn makeup or maybe want to see how it’s done, the videos and images can be overwhelming. Because of this post, I will share the types of contouring and my tips of how you can make this trend wearable and simple, whether it’s fierce or everyday!

BIRTH OF CONTOURING – Who and where it’s used? Photography & Movies | Works well with the Flashing lights of Cameras. Contouring is becoming popular via Instagram extremely. The trend was really developed and cultivated by many drag performers who understood that to look fierce on stage, they needed to emphasize their makeup. It is effective for Photography because with the extreme flash effects from surveillance cameras, a person’s face can finish up looking too toned or one dimensional.

Therefore this makeup technique helped to point out and re-create the dark and light areas on a person’s face for the best photos. WHY DO WE HAVE TO CONTOUR? Medium impact achieved when using a Contour Kit that has all your go-to shades from light to dark, a blush shade and a highlight shade.

  1. Apply to skin before and after shaving
  2. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Facial Night Cream
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Light and wearable version for Daytime. Using the natural bone framework as a guide to positioning and then using a soft light Bronzer to specify and adding a smooth clean of blush at the top. The idea is to make the shadow into the hollow of the cheek, which is right under the fullest part of your cheek.

Hopefully this post and the tips above can help any of those who find themselves trying to figure out how to navigate and use this makeup trend. I really do feel that there is certainly so much emphasis on the extreme variations of contouring but it will surely be performed with fewer products so it’s easy, beautiful, and simple. At the end of your day, do whatever works for you, whether it is extreme to light.

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