That Is Highly FOR ME PERSONALLY Unlikely 1

That Is Highly FOR ME PERSONALLY Unlikely

September was a fun makeup month for me. I tired several new products that impressed me really, couldn’t get enough of old favorites, and was able to speak myself out of shopping for several hyped and unnecessary purchases. But a few things stood out among the others, this month plus they were certainly favorites.

This was my biggest surprise of the month. Which store where I live that offers Morphe palettes, so I have the uncommon chance to see the colors and swatch before I purchase personally. After my experience with the 35T palette (that i have since depotted and gotten rid of basically nine shadows), I had been positive I’d not buy any Morphe palettes quite.

It’s problematic for me personally to trust the majority of positive Morphe reviews (especially from people that have affiliate rules) because those reviews differ so greatly from my very own experience with the formulation. I will admit, though, that the color structure of the 35O always interested me. I really like beautiful orange, rust, copper, and bronze shades. That palette was out of stock online perpetually, and though it was inexpensive even, I simply didn’t think it would ever be worthwhile since I would only ever like the shimmer shadows. As well as the 35OS was released then, and each and every shadow was of a shimmer finish. As soon as I swatched it, I knew I needed it.

And to be honest, this is all I have been really wanting to wear this month. That’s highly unlikely for me. I have a fairly large palette collection and usually don’t wear the same palette two days in a row, but I have just not wanted to stop using this palette. Each and every shadow is beautiful and great to utilize. I still have an identical complaint that we now have not 35 unique colors certainly, however. Many colors look exactly the same as several others, and that is a downfall.

It is also important to notice that for me, this isn’t a stand alone palette absolutely, and I do have to generate matte shadows to complete any look. This palette has really been fun to utilize this month. I’ve mainly used the warm (far right) quad, but have also gotten a lot of use from the neutral (far left) quad as well.

  • High-quality elements
  • Breaks my skin out
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  • Holographic Cut Crease
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As I’ve said many times before, in my own eyeshadow looks, the shimmer tone on the lid has got the attention, however the mattes will be the unsung heroes the really make a glance work. And that was absolutely true this month especially while I was using the Morphe palette. This palette is one of my top two favorite all-matte palettes that I have ever tried.

The other favorite is the Viseart Neutral Matte, and to compare the two, I find the Kat Von D more intense in pigmentation. Sometimes the pigmentation is a significant amount of, if I am putting on a more subtle look especially. On those full days, the Viseart shadows perfection are. But on the times when I have a foiled shadow on the lid (like I did for the majority of September) the Shade and Light Eye is the palette to flawlessly complement and balance the intensity. Little known reality about me is that I have only very lately dipped my toes in to the liquid base game.