Miss Snark, The Literary Agent: 04/30/2019 1

Miss Snark, The Literary Agent: 04/30/2019

About four years back, when trying to advertise my first book, I had formed a stroke of beginner’s fortune and was able to land a two-book deal on my own. Around this right time, an agent contacted me and wanted to help me pitch my next proposal to my publisher, as I used to be coming up on contract renegotiations. According to my agent, my publisher said the novel was too dark for his or her series.

My agent suggested me to finish the complete publication and said she’d pitch it to other houses once the novel was complete. Year later A, I posted the book to my agent. She gushed about how much she loved the book, and said it was on its way to an editor randomly House and two editors at Warner. 8 weeks later, I then found out she acquired only sent it to the Random House editor and had only PLANNED on pitching to the Warner editors.

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Once I emailed her to be sure of the status of the manuscript, she went and queried the two Warner imprints ahead. Essentially (to produce a long story short) nine months passed, and in those nine months, she only submitted the novel to a total of five editors. Whenever I emailed her, she’d make me wait around a week, up to fourteen days sometimes, for a response, and would be as vague as you can about the position of the project.

Finally, after submitting the written publication to five editors, she emerged to me and said I’d either have to table the publication or revise it thoroughly. I wondered why she hadn’t provided editorial advice before this. I took the book back and began revising it. Meanwhile, I started to target my efforts on two brand new proposals, each with a far more commercial concept than the “dark” novel that needed revising. I informed my agent about them and she said these would be well suited for my former publisher.

She also said these were so highly attractive and commercial she’d be pleased to pitch them elsewhere if my publisher approved. Well, my publisher do pass, and now my agent has absolutely refused to market these proposals elsewhere. She says my chances of selling on proposal are impossible since I am not a New York Times bestseller.

She is also starting to rub my nose in the fact that she has never made money off of me. All I know is that before her, I sensed like an up and comer. I might add that she actually is with a “reputable” firm and has had some legitimate sales, therefore i know she is not a “quack.” Still, I’ve written records to support everything I’ve said. What would you advise?